About Me

Hi! My name is John Foran. Thanks for stopping by my site! I am a professional voiceover artist – and have been at it for over 15 years now. My goal in working on a voiceover (or ‘VO’) project is two-fold –
1) to get a message/story out to the audience and
2) to enable the audience to do something with that information.
With each voice project, I aim to convey at least one of, if not all four of what I call the “Three E’s” – Entertain/Educate/Engage.
If a listener feels empowered to take the message provided and take some positive action, however big or small, then the voiceover has been successful.
Based on my tenure in the business, along with my extensive client list, I think I’ve helped a lot of people reach that successful outcome!
They key to any good professional voiceover artist is obvious, right?!
You have to have a great…pair of EARS!!! It all starts with listening
  • What message does the customer want to convey?
  • Who is their audience?
  • What result/action does the piece seek to engender?

Then I take your message and give it voice. Better yet, give it LIFE!


  • I take direction very well. Changes & curve-balls are no problem.
  • I interpret the copy innately.
  • With your input, I will know and understand who your audience is for a given project.

To book me for your voiceover project, contact me here.